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Add Social Media Accounts

The Contacts section keeps track of both your email mailing lists and social media connections. You can also connect to your Facebook and Twitter accounts in this section, plus see how many followers you have for each social account.

New Social Account - To add your social accounts click the green plus button to the right of Social Accounts and we'll help you add your social networks to your account. If you've added all the social accounts your current subscription allows, we'll let you know. If you really need to add that extra account, you can always change your subscription.

add social accounts

Social Accounts on the right side of the page has all the info for the social accounts you've linked up. Let's take a look at what you'll find here:

  • Service- is the icon social account you've linked up, F for Facebook and the bird is for Twitter.

  • Name - the name associated with the social account, it could be your name, your company name or your Twitter handle.

  • Followers - the total number of followers for each account you've linked up.

  • Total Followers - is the total number of followers you have for all your social accounts combined.



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