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Adding Pictures to Emails

Adding an image to your email can help keep your readers interested and engaged in your email, and it's easy to do!

The templates we've set up have areas, or content blocks, for you to add images, but you can also add your own content blocks.

We have some filler images in there, which you'll want to change out with your own images. To add an image click the content block you want to add it to and then click Edit in the menu.
New Image blockImage Settings

To the right side of the email you'll see where you can edit the image under Image Settings. First, upload your image by clicking the green Replace Image button. You can upload your image or drag it from your desktop and drop it on the target. Or, if your image is already hosted on the web somewhere you can paste in the URL. You should now see your new image in the email.

Add New Image

The image area you see in the content boxes has a very cool feature- it can accommodate whatever size image you upload. If you upload a large image it will snap to the size of the box in the email area. If it's smaller than the area we'll keep it the size you uploaded.

Now that you have an image in your email you can make some tweaks to it. The Image Settings tools on the right side you'll see the name you gave the image, but you can change it, and you can add the alt text there too.

Name Image Settings

You can also align the image either to the left, center or right by clicking on the green buttons.

To link your image, and you definitely want to do that, click the dropdown that says Type and select Website Address, then type or paste in the url.

Once you've added your image and done the edits, click the Save in the bottom right corner.




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