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Drag and Drop Editor

Now that you’ve selected the template you want to use, you can add your content. And we've made that a snap! Templates are pre-set with images and text blocks, but you can easily make changes to fit your needs. How? Just drag and drop! Grab one of the content blocks from the left menu with your mouse and drag to the template on the right. You can now drop the block anywhere you like; it will drop where you see the green bar appear, and if you want to move it again you can. You can delete any you don't want by mousing over the content block and clicking the X in the top right corner. You may still see space on the editing page, but click the Preview button to see how it will really look.

Want to skip the reading and watch a video instead? Click here!

Drag and Drop SideBar

Once your template is set up how you want it, mouse over the top right corner of a block and you'll see a pencil icon that will bring up a menu to edit your content blocks.
Clicking the pencil icon will now allow you to add your text in the block and you can edit using the menus to the right. The blocks will adjust to fit the content you add, or if you're adding an image, we'll resize it to fit the block and your email.

  • Editing a text block, you'll see the settings menu to the right, where you'll find options to change the font, add bullets, links or images.
  • Editing an image block, you'll see the image settings menu to the right and can upload your image.
  • The Text+Image block gives you both menus depending on which part you're editing.
  • Social Share will allow your readers to share your email on their social accounts, bringing you a bigger audience. There is nothing to edit for this one, your readers will use their own social accounts to share your email.
  • Follow Us - Select from different button shapes and colors for the social networks you have accounts on. This will let you readers follow you on those networks. Click on the green plus menu and select the social networks you want to add in your email, then add the URL for your page in the box. It's really important to add your URL otherwise your buttons won't work. We'll automatically add the correct icons in the content block. You can then change the alignment with the green buttons at the top.
  • Button Builder - Easily add a call to action button in your email. Just drag the button option to your email and then customize what it says, the size and the color.
  • Global Settings The menu on the left side of the template has colored squares; 6 built in colors you can use for the background. Or, if you want to match the background to your logo or just your favorite color. To do this, click the box next to Custom Color. There are three options here:
    • Select one of the boxes on the left with the color you like.
    • Click in the box on the right to find the color you want. You can use the rainbow panel to find the correct color family, then find the shade.
    • If you use a specific color for your website, you can add the color code in the box on the bottom right side.
  • Image group - Add two images side-by-side to showcase products or services.
  • Divider - Add a line between Content Blocks. Select color and thickness of the line and add space above or below it.
While you're adding text to your email, our system will automatically check the spelling for you. Be sure you have Spell Check turned on in your browser, and you'll see any errors with a red underline.

The content block will adjust to the amount of text you include or the images you add, you won't need to resize anything.
To remove any block, including the ones we've already added, just mouse over the content block and click the X in the right hand corner. We'll check that you really want to remove it and if you say yes, it will be gone.

After you've edited any of the content blocks, save your changes by clicking the Save button. You must save your work before you move to another content block to edit.



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