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Email Footer

The email footer contains your unsubscribe message and postal address, which are required by the CAN-SPAM law.

Mouse over the bottom of your email and then click Edit in the menu.  You'll have editing options on the right hand side to fill in, or if you've already set up defaults you can edit them here.
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Postal Address is the physical address for your business, fill it in completely or you’ll see an error.

Unsubscribe is the area you can add a message for anyone who is thinking of unsubscribing. You can customize the message, but be sure to use {UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK} in it, or you’ll get an error. This will merge the link into the email anywhere you add it. You can also give your readers a choice of which of your lists they want to be on, so instead of unsubscribing they can select what they want and don't want. It's up to you, you'll see both choices in the menu.

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If you plan to use the same Unsubscribe message or Postal Address you can save one, or both, as defaults so you won’t need to fill them in each time.



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