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Billing History

Click on your email address on the top right of the page.  Select Payments in the drop down menu.  Here is where you can see what your current pricing plan is, what it costs, when you'll be billed next and see all the past charges for your account.

Select Email address and then Payments

To change the current plan click the orange Upgrade button in the top right corner.

Billing History

Under the current plan for your account is the billing history, with everything that's been been purchased in your account. You'll see the date of the purchase, an order number, a description of what was purchased and the price. If you need a receipt for any of your past charges, just click the View/Print link to the right of the charge and you'll see a page with a receipt and a button to print it if you need to. If you wish to save the receipt, first click Print, then change the printer destination to Save as PDF and follow the prompts.




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