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FAQs for Migrating from VerticalResponse Classic

FAQs for customers migrating from a VerticalResponse Classic account to the latest version of VerticalResponse:
Q: Why is this happening?
A: VerticalResponse developed a newer version of our app a few years ago.  It’s time for us to focus all of our development attention on the new app. So, we’ve made the decision to stop supporting VerticalResponse Classic in 2019. 
Q: Are you going to force me to migrate now?
A:  No.  Right now, migrating off of VerticalResponse Classic is voluntary.  However, sometime during 2019 we will make this mandatory as we will be stopping our support for the older version of VerticalResponse.  If you prefer not to migrate now, you have that option. However, you should be aware that we will be requiring all customer to move to the new version in 2019.  That exact date has not been determined yet.
Q:  When is this happening? 
A:  We are starting to migrate over a segment of customers in mid-January of 2019.  You’ll receive an email that will provide more details around when and how the migration process will work.
Q:  Will I still have access to my VerticalResponse Classic account?
A:  Yes, but it will be read only access. From your new account, you can toggle to view your reports and emails that are currently in your VerticalResponse Classic account, but you will not be able to send any email campaigns from that platform any further. 
Q:  Is my login changing?
A:  No.  Your login credentials will remain the same. 

Q: How does the migration process work? What do I have to do?
A: It’s relatively simple to migrate your account.  What we need from you is to identify the email templates (up to 5) that you would like us to automatically migrate to your account.  You can do this by going to the migration page that will appear in your account.  This can be accessed from a new tab “Migration” that will appear in the top navigation, just to the right of Help.  If the tab is not there, it means your account is not eligible to be migrated yet.
You can select your most commonly used templates that will be moved over that can be used in the new editor.  Pick your templates, click the confirmation button and the migration process will begin.
Q: How long does it take?
A: It should take around an hour to complete the migration.  During this timeframe you will not be able to use your account.  Be on the lookout for an email we’ll send you to let you know that it is complete.  You’ll then be able to login using your existing credentials to access your new account. 
Q: What if I have email campaigns already scheduled to be sent out with my VerticalResponse Classic account?
A: Before you agree to migrate your account, you will need to ensure that any campaigns that you have already scheduled to be sent out are either sent out or cancelled.  Once the migration process begins, any emails that have been scheduled from your Classic account cannot be sent out.
Q. What if I have more than 5 templates that I want moved over?
A: The migration process will only automatically move up to five templates. If you have additional templates that you’d like to move over you can do so after the migration is complete.  There are a couple of steps to go through as you’ll need to copy, edit and paste the HTML code.  Please contact Customer Support for assistance either via email or call us at 855-333-1055. ​​
Toggle to your Classic account. Select the template you want to move, then click View Email.  On the “View as HTML” tab, hover over the email template and right click to select View Frame Source.  Copy the HTML code associated with that email.  Toggle back to your new account, select new email, select Import HTML, then just paste the HTML code into the box on the left. However, you will need to remove the footer code. You can then switch to “Graphical Editor” if you want to use the editor to make any changes to the email.
Q: What if I don’t want to use the new editor? I’m used to the Classic version.
A: The new editor provides some great extras that the Classic editor does not have, including 100% of the templates are mobile friendly, automatic follow up emails, pop up forms and landing pages.  However, we understand if you want to stick with what you know.  So, we have moved a version of the Classic editor into your new account so you’ll still have access to it. Your new account will have access to both the new email editor we’ve developed and a version of the Graphic Editor that you’re used to seeing in your Classic account. To use the new editor, just click on “Start a New Email Campaign”.  If you want to use the editor you used in Classic, start a new email campaign, click on “Import HTML “, and then select “Graphic Editor”.
Q: How do I get access to the email templates I selected during the migration process?
A:  The email templates brought over from your Classic account will be located in the Messages area and will be labeled as “Drafts”.   You can either copy that email or click on it to edit it.  Once you click to edit you will be taken to HTML Editor section where there is a tab called “Graphical Editor”.  You can use this version of the email editor to update your templates.  
Q: Can I switch back to VerticalResponse Classic once the migration is complete?
A:  You will not be able to switch back to the Classic version once you have been migrated over.  However, you can toggle to the Classic version to see your old account. It will be a read only version of the account.  To send out email campaigns, you’ll need to use your new account.
Q: Will my contacts be moved over?
A: Yes, all your contacts from your Classic account will be moved over automatically during the migration process.  Once you login to your new account, click on the “Contacts” tab to see all your contact lists.
Q:  Will my Sign Up Forms from my Classic account still work?
A: Because your account is getting migrated to the new platform, you’ll need to create a new Signup Form within your new account.  Your Classic Signup Form will no   You can quickly and easily create a new Signup Form.  Click on the “Contacts” tab and select “Create Signup Form”.  For detailed instructions in creating a Sign Up Form click here.
Q: Will my plan change?
We will be changing your VerticalResponse Classic plan to the closest matching new VerticalResponse Basic plan.  Upon completion of the migration your VerticalResponse Classic billing will be cancelled. Your next billing date on your new VerticalResponse plan will occur at least 30 days after the date you choose to migrate.
For example, if your Classic renewal date is January 20th and we migrate you on January 17th. Your VerticalResponse Classic account is effectively cancelled on January 17th and you will not be billed for your new VerticalResponse account until February 20th



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