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Pay as You Go Pricing

Pay as you go pricing optionsPay as you go email credits enable you to purchase just the number of email credits you need. If you're an infrequent sender, or just want the flexibility to buy what you want without a subscription, this plan is for you. 

This option is perfect for occasional or seasonal senders - pay only when you need to send

  • Send emails and share them with your social followers
  • Buy and use email credits like stamps
  • Volume discounts – the more you buy, the more you save
  • No monthly fees or contracts
  • Credits are good for 3 months from the date of purchase

Pay as you go plans Include:

  • Pay per email sent
  • Connect one Facebook & one Twitter account
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited signup forms
  • Unlimited social followers & posts
  • Award-winning phone, chat and email technical support

Simply purchase the number of credits you need to send emails over the next 3 months and you’re ready to send. If you need to send more emails than the amount of credits you've purchased, you can send the additional emails at the same per message rate. It's easy, fast and affordable.

To get started click Upgrade in your account then go to Pay as You Go at the bottom of the page. Enter the amount of emails you want to send for the next three months and we’ll give you price options.

Your Pay as You Go package details:

  • Send emails without a subscription
  • Additional emails beyond package limit charged at same per message rate
  • Package must be used within 3 months of purchase
  • Connect 1 Facebook and 1 Twitter Account

Pricing tiers for Pay as You Go are as follows:

Credit Package Amount Price Additional send rate/email
300 $7.50  $0.025
1000 $25 $0.025
2000 $45 $0.0225
5000 $90 $0.018
7500 $135 $0.018
10,000 $175 $0.0175
25,000 $300 $0.012
50,000 $500 $0.01
75,000 $675 $0.009
200,000 $1,500 $0.0075
375,000 $2,813 $0.0075
500,000 $3,750 $0.0075



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